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  • Different types of travellers,

    which one are you?

  • When you’re getting ready to board your flight, we know it’s inevitable that you start to observe your fellow passengers and wonder which kind of ‘flyer’ you’re going to end up sitting next to.

    If you’re lucky enough to be travelling in a group, then you’ll most likely be sitting with people that you know, and whose habits you are well aware of, however what happens when you are travelling by yourself or if you get split up from your travelling party? What type of traveller will you end up sitting beside?

    You never know, one of these might even be you…


    The Armrest Hog

    We’ve all been there. They completely ignore your right to your share of the armrest, especially when their elbow is creeping over into your personal space. The worst possible place you can let this traveller sit is in the middle seat, as they will most likely take over both armrests. With that being said, you could be in the middle of two armrest hogs – definitely not ideal for your journey!

    The Businessman

    9/10 times you won’t have a problem with these travellers. They are regular flyers, they know and respect the rules. Usually like to keep themselves to themselves and not cause any hassle.

    The Complainer

    This one can come in various forms. Look for the person who demands a seat, snacks, drinks, and constantly uses the call button. Take extra caution when approaching this passenger as they are known to have a temper.

    The COuples

    The worst culprit in this category has to be ‘the kissy couple’. They can make you feel like you are intruding even though they are so in love they probably didn’t even notice you. The Couples have also been known to hold hands across the aisle or lie across each other, reluctant to let go when someone wants to go to the toilet!

    The Easy Goer

    Boarding cards ready when they get on? Check. Little or no hand luggage, which is stowed promptly and correctly? Check. Seats taken straight away, no complaints if the cart has run out of Pringles? Check. This is the passenger most aspire to be.

    The Sleeper

    Forms of this flyer: the snorer, the dribbler, the pillow user, the selfish aisle sleeper – has every intention of sleeping but chooses to keep the aisle seat for themselves, causing anyone wanting to get up to wake up a total stranger (get used to this if you have ‘a toilet goer’ sitting next to you). ‘The Sleeper’ can be extremely irritating if they’re also ‘The Recliner’.

    The Recliner

    Most people who have had the worst encounters with the recliners are usually bigger men whose knees are practically pressing into the seat in front when ‘The Recliner’ decides to act like they’re in their living room watching TV. Uncomfortable for most passengers, but for someone who is already cramped into a small space, this is a nightmare seating choice.

    The Toilet Goer

    If you’re ‘The Sleeper’ then ‘The Toilet Goer’ is your worst nightmare on a flight. Constantly getting you out of your seat, causing you to juggle your drinks or food so they can get by, you can be certain that they’ll do this several times.

    The Book Reader

    This passenger loves nothing more than to get to their seat and dive into a good book. Quiet with no complaints or too much moving around. Like ‘The Sleeper’, ‘The Toilet Goer’ is ‘The Book Reader’s worst nightmare.

    The Talker

    This is a person who has never heard of the ‘both earphones in means don’t talk to me’ rule. They will continue to talk even if your eyes are closed, possibly making them ‘The Sleeper’s’ worst enemy. Another flyer with various forms: the incessant talker, the lonely heart; the list goes on and on.

    The Clapper

    Now we’ve saved the best for last, ‘The Clapper’. There’s always at least one on every flight, who feels the need to celebrate landing at their destination with a clap. Why are we celebrating exactly?




    We hope this guide has helped you, so that you can hopefully get a seat next to someone who doesn’t make your journey a living hell. And if you haven’t heard of any of the travellers above, chances are that’s because they’re probably you.

  • Things to do in Tenerife

  • Entertainment

    There are many new bars and clubs opening up in Tenerife. Tenerife is trying to improve on its general image of being just a party island. There are several new places that offer amazing decor and classy surroundings. There are still plenty of party places left but its nice that finally there is something for everyone. You can always tell a good bar if the locals drink in it!


    There is a variety of entertainment going on amongst the bars throughout Las Americas and los Christianos. From Country and Western, Elvis, Blues Brothers and lots lots more. Its a case of exploring them to find something you like. Visit this site for you to be assisted in your journey.


    For a chilled evening take a bus or taxi (even walk around the coast) to Los Christianos and head for the shopping plaza Safari where you can get great food or sit in the gorgeous bars like Harry's Bar or the Magic lounge and take in the ambience. Or check out the beautiful nightclub El Faro in Torviscas which is a short taxi ride from the villa and well worth a visit.


    For daytime entertainment, the island offers a wide range of activities such as; diving, windsurfing, sailing, go-karting, zoo's, trekking/walking, mountain biking and even mountaineering. There are 2 large water parks both of which are within walking distance from the villa. One even boasts to be the best water park in Europe, Siam Park. Aqualand is the other.


    If you can get to Tenerife for the Carnival season in February you must take a trip to the city of Santa Cruz to see the main parade. It is a truly spectacular sight, with young and old dressed in amazing outfits dancing through the street. More tips on what to do in Tenerife at https://tenerifethingstodo.wordpress.com/


    Las Americas & Los Christianos


    The villa is set in a quieter area of Las Americas in an area called San Eugenio Alto. It is just above the aqua park but is within easy reach of the beach, shopping, restaurants and bar areas. It is approximately a 20 minute walk to the beaches and resorts of Torviscas and Puerto Colon.

    It is perfectly situated as it’s near enough to easily access all the amenities but away from the bustle of the lower resorts. The walk to the beach etc is downhill so if you have young children or people who struggle with walking up hill we suggest you get a taxi back up to the property which costs approx 4 euro’s.

    Shopping in TenerifeThere are several shops, restaurants and bars within walking distance to the villa. There are a number of well stocked small supermarkets as well as a couple of beauty salons and hairdressers all within 10 min walk of the property.

    The new Siam water park has just opened. It boasts being Europe’s biggest water theme park. You can walk to the park within 15 minutes from the villa. Another of Tenerife’s favourite water parks, Aqualand, is only 15 minutes walk away too.

    Nowhere is very far in Tenerife. The capital Santa Cruz is a 45 minute drive, Puerto de la Cruz is the furthest away and takes about 1 hour 15 mins. Masca is about a 40 minute drive away and mount Tiede 50 minutes. Then there are places like the chilled El Medeno that are only about 15 minutes drive. And a lot more information here!


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